So you have decided to visit/relocate to Bangalore and have got it figured as to where you would like to stay, if you have not figured that out yet perhaps my blog on top 6 BEST PLACES TO STAY IN BANGALORE could help you.

Most of the laws in India are applicable to Bangalore as well, but here are a few I have gathered them from Official Bangalore Police and Bangalore Traffic Police websites, Hope this helps;

1.Wearing Helmets


This is top on my list because we in Bangalore are very particular about road safety and surviving Bangalore traffic is hectic, even though we lack proper roads (we are still working on it) .If you drive a 2 wheeler then both the pillion and the rider both must wear a helmet. If caught without then the fines are dictated by the Bangalore Traffic Police laws.

According to  road accident statistics as of December 2016 we have a total of 7506 incidents of road accidents in which 793 cases were fatal and 793 persons were killed. That’s pretty huge so do consider investing in a good quality helmet, you never know when you would need it.

2.Drinking and Driving


This is more stringent in Bangalore than any other city in India according to me; here we have strict spot checks that happen at any nook and corner of the city. If you are caught drinking and driving that is anywhere above 40mg per 100ml (even though legal limit is 30 they are cool up to 40mg). The punishment for drunk driving is six months imprisonment or payment of a fine up to Rs.10,000 or both. If the offender is caught committing the offence a second time, he will have to face imprisonment of two years or a fine up to Rs.10,000 or both.

After being issued a notice, the motorist will not be allowed to drive.  He will have to leave his vehicle behind and take a cab home or call a friend or relative to drive him home. In case he wants to take the vehicle using the another person who is not drunk but is free to do so after leaving his original driving license and RC book under acknowledgement with the police officer.

Very often, motorists try to avoid legal proceedings by bribing the police officers concerned.  However, the best thing to do in such circumstances is to follow the proper procedures and not resort to corruption.Refer to the drinking and driving statistics.

3.Womens Safety


After the recent incidents women’s safety is a priority so in case if you find any women under distress or needs your help, always help without any second thoughts, this could be somebody’s mother, sister or daughter

You can also try any of these as well call 100 or 1095, call Vanitha Sahyavani (Women Helpline)-1091-toll free.

4.Foreigners help


In case you are a foreigner and need help with Passport, Visa or Consular issues we have got you covered, you can contact the below mentioned FRRO office and they should be able to help you with your grievances.

5th Floor, TTMC, A BLOCK
K.H. Road, BMTC, Shanthinagar
Bangalore – 560027
PH: 080-22218183, 22218191

5.Children Safety


You have concerns regarding a child’s safety, then please make sure you contact at the below immediately and you could be of great help

You can call the usual 100 or 1095 for help, or call Makkala Sahayavani(Child Helpline) -1098 toll free.

6.Registering a complaint


In case you are wondering how to register a complaint then go to the nearest Police Station and give a written or oral complaint to the Station House Officer . The oral complaint will be reduced writing to which the complainant signs. If it is not the jurisdictional P.S., necessary action would be taken to transfer the case to the respective jurisdictional P.S. for necessary action.

In case of any difficulty in registering a complaint as above, the complainant may contact the jurisdictional/senior officers whose address and Telephone numbers are given in the Contact page.

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Hi Everyone my name is Nitin, I have spent close to 2 decades in Bangalore,India.Food and travel are my passion.I have always loved to write and create.I am a voracious reader and hope through my blog I can document and bring out some of the best of places in the world to light.

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