The first time I heard this phrase was nearly 6 months back from a few bloggers who I like to follow. At first, I thought this was a cool idea, I mean the entire concept of being a Digital Nomad intrigued me it was almost a true good to be deal. Therefore, I dug in much deeper, did a lot of research, tried to follow some of the digital nomads through their everyday lives, and most were successful at what they did.

What is Digital Nomad?

This is just as the name suggests, here Digital=Internet and Nomad=Travel. I guess you must have figured it out by now; yes, you are right a Digital Nomad gets to travel around the world and working at the same time.

Now how is this possible you ask? Let me explain most of the digital nomads out there rely on three important factors;

  1. A good internet connection.
  2. A skill, which enables you to work remotely.
  3. Enjoying a good quality of life for less Money.

Now everyone understands what a good internet connection is; so when I talk about skills is if you are good at any kind of programming languages, web development, app development, digital marketing, data analytics etc. the list goes on. Having these, skills mean that you can work remotely and still do these kind of Jobs without actually going to an office and sitting in a cubicle.

Today the world is full of startups that are relying on digital nomads or remote workforce to help them out as there is even greater cost involved in hiring a skilled workforce and getting a workstation etc. set up for them. This works our perfectly if you love to travel and want to build your career at the same time.

In addition, the last point enjoying a good quality of life for less money simply means that you work out of place, which has cheaper cost of living, and you are able to save up more from what you make. Your earnings make a bigger impact, and I would like to add while you are doing this you are taking a vacation that too in some of the exotic holiday destinations in the world.

These are the few places which are digital nomad destinations as there are co working places and good internet cafes available to do work reliably these are simply a few picks in Asia and not limited to these places;

  1. Chiang Mai, Thailand
  2. Bangkok, Thailand
  3. Bali ,Indonesia
  4. Vietnam

After researching much about this lucrative new trend, I have decided to take baby steps to become a digital nomad. As a part of my journey, I thought it would be a good idea to document my journey as I explore this phase of my life and see where it leads me.

You can read about my digital nomad journey so far and what I intend to achieve from Bangalore.

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