Electronic city fly over has a speed limit of 80kmph, but like most bikers I cross 80 and bordering on speeds of 85-90kmph I know my 4-year-old Pulsar 220 can do more than that so I am confident. I quickly cover the distance of 12 km in 9 minutes. I know the ordeal is not over as I would be facing the gargantuan peak hour traffic in Bangalore during the evening hours as usual, and sure enough as I reach silk board junction my speed is reduced from exhilarating 90kmph to a snail’s pace of 5kmph.

As I wait for the signal to turn green at the infamous silk board junction, I have a revelation (and why a revelation you will find out in other blog), why not write about how to survive the nerve wrecking Bangalore traffic. So here goes internet hopefully this helps next time you are commuting in Bangalore.

1.Leave early!


As simple as this may sound this is one of the best proven methods to survive and get through the traffic and stress. It’s not simple as said, you would inevitably learn better time management skills if you would start doing this.

You would be under less stress from thoughts of getting late and more chances of actually making it on time to your destination safe and in one piece of course.

2.Stop Honking!


Every person is in a rush to get to their destination just like you (Except for the auto driver’s/cab drivers who are looking for a fare). By honking the other person is not going to suddenly start going faster or magically the traffic is not going to clear.

I know it is very tempting to take the rage of traffic by honking, but this does more harm to you than the person who you are honking at. Starting from the noise pollution to your vehicles battery getting drained.

3.Respect fellow travellers.


We all come from different backgrounds, we have different opinions and different personalities, try to respect fellow travellers on road. People may commute on bus, 2 wheeler, 4 wheeler and yes the dreaded 3 wheeler too. If you drive a car you would think the bikers are unruly, if you drive a bike you would think you own the road.

If you see an ambulance give way, if you see senior citizens (Few of them are better drivers than most of us) they are probably going to drive a bit slow a little patience goes long way.

4.Follow traffic rules.


I know it’s easy to break the rules, when you see a few of them jump signal you are tempted to do the same. If somebody where to jump off a building you wouldn’t do the same now would you. The rules are in place for a reason, this helps avoid accidents and traffic jams; and all you would get from jumping this signal would be getting stuck at the next anyways.

5.Smile it just a bad day not a bad life.


It’s easy to get caught up in worries and frustrations of life, but don’t let these effect your judgement on road. Don’t go out slurring abuses and profanity when somebody cuts you off or for poor driving. Smile at other travellers and be kind give way if you see somebody is in a hurry.

Traffic is inevitable especially in a city like Bangalore and it would only increase but how you react and respond to it is totally up to you. It invariably effects how you react to people around you and your mood.

So take the tougher path try to practice self-control and patience this would go a long way in building your character as an individual.Last but not the least we have a top notch traffic management system by Bangalore Traffic Police, hats off to them for an astounding work to maintain our city’s traffic!


I hope this helps in your next commute and do have a safe journey.

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Hi Everyone my name is Nitin, I have spent close to 2 decades in Bangalore,India.Food and travel are my passion.I have always loved to write and create.I am a voracious reader and hope through my blog I can document and bring out some of the best of places in the world to light.

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