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Talview Hiring Freshers and Experienced Front-end Engineer


Job Description

Who are we looking for?

We are seeking experienced frontend developer to join our engineering team building next generation reactive web app applications on the talview platform. We’re looking for passionate, creative developers who are excited about solving new problems. As a web developer, you will work through the full project lifecycle to design, develop, test, implement and support our web applications. You will have the opportunity to work in a dynamic environment on highly impactful projects. We don’t expect you to know everything coming in, so we’ll pair you with mentors who will help you grow and develop your skills.

We want to hire the right person wherever you are in the world. If you’re in Bangalore or interested in relocating to our office, you’ll enjoy working in a fantastic development environment with flexible working hours.

We expect to see :

  •  Candidates should be equipped with React Native
  •  React-native
  •  Expertise with JavaScript and modern JS frameworks like Angular, React, Ember, Backbone .
  •  Experience writing semantic HTML5 markup and CSS3, preferably with preprocessors such as SASS / LESS
  •  Expertise developing web apps with responsive/adaptive design and progressive enhancement.
  •  Understanding of all major browsers and the special considerations required for various quirks.
  •  Experience with mobile web development.
  •  Experience with Node.js, package management (npm, Bower), and the OSS ecosystem.
  •  Experience writing task and build scripts (Grunt, Gulp).
  •  Experience with VCS and Git in particular
  •  A strong design sense and knowledge of how product design affects UI/UX
  •  Strong Javascript foundation and clear understanding of Javascript classes, prototype-based inheritance, modules, etc

We would like to see (not mandatory):

  •  An active Stack Overflow and Github profile
  •  Prior experience with UI frameworks and javascript MVC
  •  Any open source code or example projects that you’re proud of
  •  Experience in developing SaaS products with an engaged user base
  •  Any other evidence of your passion for building great applications



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