These are the list of top 5 TV Series that I watch religiously and I would consider myself a big time fan from Bangalore of these shows I am sure most of you are too, so here goes. These are currently running shows and may contain some spoilers so please be cautious.

This list is not in any order; you can also check out the IMDB ratings here as well ,however I think all are great shows.

5.Better Call Saul


If you were a hardcore fan of Breaking Bad like I was then this show is a must watch. After Breaking Bad ended I felt still a great deal of questions were unanswered. Breaking bad shows, us the rise and fall of Walter white, but few other characters we have no clue.

So this is where you learn more about James Morgan “Jimmy” McGill a.k.a Saul Good man. a struggling lawyer in Albuquerque, trying to make a decent living even as he gets involved with criminals.

This show takes us more into the personal lives of many of the characters from Breaking Bad one such is Michael “Mike” Ehrmantraut.

Over all a fun crime series to watch add in some dark comedy and wa-lah a good show to watch.

4.Greys Anatomy


So this is where I get my yearly dose of drama from lol, this show started back in 2005 and wait for it, it’s still running yes, we are at season 13 as of now! There were seasons which I got bored watching but there is something about the show that makes you want to watch it; I can’t put a finger on it but I think it’s more to do with the more realistic part of the show which involves some real medical cases and out of the box innovative thinking to save lives.

The shows initially started following Surgical interns and their supervisors who embark on a medical journey. With a strong and I repeat a strong involvement of drama. So if you love medicine some innovative thinking and lots of Drama this show is for you. Shonda Rhimes has emotionally victimised me  lol 😀

3.The Walking Dead


This is not your typical end of the world Zombie Apocalypse kind of show as many people think. If you ask me what is different here; the show tries to take horror to a whole new level, evolution of characters as human beings trying to survive through this horror. The more realistic aspects of the end of the world scenarios are explored here.

The show is very complex in its own way and at the same time it’s very entertaining. The show basically shows how a group of survivors are trying to find a safe place amidst the zombie apocalypse that has taken over USA.

If you like Zombies being smashed to smithereens and a lot of blood this show is just for you. The nerve wrecking twists in the show is simply marvellous.The cast of the Walking Dead do justice enacting the series.

2.Game of thrones


This show is set in a medieval era, where dragons, magic, mythical beasts and other humanoids exist. The series is all about several royal families trying to gain control of the Iron Throne of Westeros. They fight each other for power amongst themselves, but a greater hidden evil is patiently gathering forces to wipe them all.

This is one of the most famous series running, and if you have not already watched it yet, then you should because simply put its really good. Apart from the fantasies, the plots and twists in the series are nerve wrecking and enthralling. The series is adaptation of A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R.Martin.

The series has 10 episodes in each series, each episodes runs approximately 55 minutes. Even though its long there is never a dull moment.

1.Dragon Ball Super


This one is a Japanese animated series that started in 2016.This is the sequel to the original series Dragon Ball Z most of us would have enjoyed the show back when we were kids, and I was really excited to see the dragon ball series rebooted.

If you like to watch anime with some action packed duel and fights this is the show. It follows Goku Vegita and their friends across universes. The show is a huge hit involving a lot martial arts. The show starts off right after Goku has defeated Majin Boo. There are 2 movies with related with these series  Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods and Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’.

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