There are many articles on the internet, which try to help you understand how to find or identify your niche and some of them are very effective and I guess it works for many people. I unfortunately am not one of them I don’t know what my niche is I have read several posts about people repetitively advising stick to one niche else you won’t be able to blog successfully.

In addition, by success, I think people mean make money, the gurus of blog state that you need to attract one kind of readers only then people would revisit you blog and make it unique. I started this blog  a month back and I still have not found a niche that I am good at to be honest, but I love to write communicate. Then I started thinking or rather analysing and realised most of the bloggers might have had or at least  been in a similar situation and still decided to make that as their niche and go along with it of course many won’t make it because that’s not what their passionate about.

The usual ways to find your Niche are as follows which I have gathered from the net:

  • Something that you are passionate about
  • Something that you are confident about
  • Something that you can spend an eternity talking about
  • Something that drives and motivates you

But what happens when there is more than one thing of this something that checks on the all of the above points?? I was confused so what do I do? I am passionate about a lot of things, I know I can spend and eternity talking about how I feel parallel universes exist but I would sound stupid to anybody who reads it and would not agree with it.

I had done my homework on how I can set up my first blog site and the domain name I needed but I still had no niche, many of you may say well Nitin in that case how you narrowed down on your domain name. Well  trust me if you google how to find a good domain name you will be slapped with something similar as to how to find your niche and you would be stuck again.

ROVERTECHIE is a domain name that I had in the back of my mind for over 2 years now, I first started my YouTube channel with the same Vision, and I posted a few amateur videos with some decent editing. However, I learnt a lot during that process. Rover=somebody who loves travels and Techie=somebody who is into any kind of technology hence RoverTechie so it rather made sense to me and I stuck with it.

Why was I not able to find my niche even after so much of analysis and thinking and help? Was I not good enough?

And then I realised where I made the mistake, I was actually proud of myself that I was able to understand this before I quit, the answer was always there but I had been looking at it from a different perspective all together. Have you figured it out by now???


No?? Let me explain then! For those of you have figured it out by now congratulations!

While blogging is definitely about writing something that you are passionate about, but it is also about learning, many of us are new here and our focus right now should be learning different things out there. For example what is a back-link, how to customise your site, how to seo your blog etc. and this is a long journey you cannot expect to become a success and get answers to your questions overnight. To those who have found the answers good for you but to those who are struggling like me always remember you are learning something new.

And while you are in this learning process write whatever makes you feel happy , write whatever you want ;forget about niche and forget about success for the time being if you are passionate enough then you will eventually find it. Moreover, it is during this process that you will learn, stumble, fall, and eventually get up! There is lot to learn about blogging, most bloggers do not get success over night it is through continuous persistence and creativity they have achieved where they are. In addition, do not let this stop you from learning and writing and sharing.

The moment I realised this fact about my struggle with finding a niche I thought I would share it across and hopefully it helps at least a few people who are struggling like me I hope this would be an inspiration and you will not quit or give up. Good Luck hope you find your niche soon but meanwhile keep learning!!

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Hi Everyone my name is Nitin, I have spent close to 2 decades in Bangalore,India.Food and travel are my passion.I have always loved to write and create.I am a voracious reader and hope through my blog I can document and bring out some of the best of places in the world to light.

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